This Is Chris Mayne’s Chance To Shine At Collingwood 

Chris Mayne

Earlier this week it was announced that Collingwood has been struck pretty hard with a case of bad luck, as forward duo Alex Fasolo and Jamie Elliot are out with injuries.

Now it may still be a while before round 1 but the two could be out for up to two months, where they will then be eased back into training.

This means that the two forwards will have a distinct disadvantage in comparison to the others uninterrupted pre-season.

As a Collingwood fan you should be feeling a bit nervous about this news, however; it could work to the sides favour.

Chris Mayne
Chris Mayne

This inconvenience could open up an opportunity for forgotten recruit Chris Mayne who had a horrible first season at the Pies in 2017.

After kicking 196 goals from 172 games for Fremantle, Mayne had only managed to play 3 games for Collingwood where he kicked 2 goals.

Sadly, this poor output resulted in him playing mostly VFL this season and being heavily criticised as one of the world Collingwood recruits.

While at Fremantle, Mayne was a gun forwards, with the ability to kick long and accurate goals consistently.

However, that form has never been replicated at Collingwood and as a result, many fans have given up on him.

Chris Mayne
Chris Mayne

Although, this could be Mayne’s opportunity to work hard and regain a spot in the side, as well as a spot back in the relevant list.

Mayne has the talent and now he has the opportunity to be great again, only time will tell if he takes it or lets it slip away.

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