Eight Of The Worst Premiership Players Ever

Now as we enter the most important part of the season, we must mention some of the worst players to appear at this exact time in the past. Will we get any more additions to this list from this year? We just have to wait and see, but for now here are the most ordinary AFL premiership players of all time.

8. Matt Spangher

Matt Spangher
Matt Spangher

Career: 2006–2016
Clubs: West Coast, Sydney & Hawthorn
Games: 56 Goals: 13
Starting off with a cult hero at the Hawks, Spangher burst into the spotlight in 2014 being apart of Hawthorns back-to-back premierships. Spangher, finally appearing in a grand final after not being selected in 2006 for West Coast, 2012 for Sydney and 2013 for Hawthorn. Unfortunately, since then we have only seen him a mere five times and his future at AFL level is uncertain.

7. Aaron Shattock

Aaron Shattock
Aaron Shattock

Career: 2000–2006
Clubs: Brisbane & Port Adelaide
Games: 68 Goals: 16
No one can forget the midfield of Brisbane Voss, Lappin, Akermanis, Black and Shattock? The midfielders best season came in 2003 where he played 18 games for the Brisbane Lions however, it was 2002 where he represented the Lions in their grand final win over Collingwood, coming off the bench. After this, he would move to Port Adelaide where he would make minimal impact to the side.

6. Brent Renouf

Brent Renouf
Brent Renouf

Career: 2008–2014
Clubs: Hawthorn & Port Adelaide
Games: 68 Goals: 13
The 2008 premiership ruckman started his career in the best possible way, playing in a grand final win in just his debut season, what a start. After this however, not much else happened; apart from a 22 game season in 2010 at Hawthorn, he would ultimately disappear.

5. Greg Madigan

Greg Madigan
Greg Madigan

Career: 1989–1997
Clubs: Hawthorn & Fremantle
Games: 66 Goals: 6
The third Hawthorn player to make the list playing in the famous 1989 Hawthorn VS Geelong grand final in only his sixth game. However, with the Hawks being blessed with an enormous amount of talented players at that time, he was unable to cement a regular spot in the team and ended up at Fremantle, where he was selected in the inaugural Dockers side.

4. Kevin Billing

Kevin Billing
Kevin Billing

Career: 1962–1969
Clubs: St Kilda
Games: 27 Goals: 1

Now watch all the Saints fans get upset, Billing comes in at number four on the list after being a member of St Kilda’s only premiership in 1966. Under 30 games in eight seasons makes him legible for this spot. However, in his defense, we can say that he is one of the best 20 premiership players the Saints have ever had……………..

3. Daryl Freame

Daryl Freame
Daryl Freame

Career: 1977–1981
Clubs: Richmond
Games: 17 Goals: 5
Now, this is where it starts to get really ordinary, a member of the Tigers most recent premiership win over Collingwood in 1980 and apparently, a member of the 1977 Tigers reserves premiership as well. Although, apart from this there is not much else say other than he is a deserving third place spot.

2. Aaron Keating

Aaron Keating
Aaron Keating

Career: 1997–1998
Clubs: Adelaide
Games: 6 Goals: 1
Ordinary might be a bit of a compliment here, Keating was a member of the Crows first ever premiership in 1997, something that Tony Modra couldn’t achieve, which he probably tells people all the time. The brother of Brisbane triple premiership player Clark finished his career with a further three games in 1998 which, I suppose counts as an equal career-best season.

1. William James

William James
William James

Career: 1920
Clubs: Richmond
Games: 1 Goals: 1
I don’t know whether to call him lucky or unlucky, William James only ever played one game at the highest level and it happened to be a premiership. James was a member of the Tigers first ever Premiership win and it was the last time we ever got to see him again, talk bout calling it quits while you are ahead. In his defense, however, the then 20-year-olds career was cut short during a hunting accident before the 1921 season where he was shot in the foot. Still, he tops my list of the worst players to ever play in a premiership.

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