The Giant’s Season Is Over

Whilst it was never going to be an easy task travelling to Adelaide to play a final, GWS last night were ran over the top of by a quality opponent in the Adelaide Crows.

In front of a home crowd of 52,805, the crows just showed way too much class against a depleted GWS.

The task now becomes a difficult one for GWS. Having lost to the Crows last night, it now sees them play a home semi final elimination against the winner of Port Adelaide & West Coast (to be played tomorrow night).

To make things worse for the Giants, one of their key forwards in Jeremy Cameron looks likely to miss their next final and potentially the remainder of the season.

Their 1st choice ruckman Shane Mumford had little effect in the game with only 3 disposals, Brett Deledio found it hard to have a clean possession, and their tall forwards failed to kick a goal.

Full credit and acknowledgement where is it due to Stephen Coniglio, Callan Ward, Josh Kelly & Tom Scully on recording 25+ disposals in a final, but let this be a lesson for the giants, individual performances are not always going to be enough to get a team over the line, especially at this time of the year.

Many people predicted Richmond would be the first team to go out in straight sets this finals series, I would argue after last night’s performance the Giant’s are the new favourites to go out in straight sets.

Image: The Herald Sun
Image: The Herald Sun

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