Ross McCormack Has Been A Dream Come True For Melbourne City

If at the start of the A-League season I told you that Tim Cahill will leave Melbourne City and Bruno Fonaroli wouldn’t play a game until well into 2018, you probably would have started doubting Melbourne City’s finals push.

However somehow, Melbourne City are in a great position and to be honest, I think they have one key man to thank and that’s Ross McCormack.

The striker has been in incredible form this season, which is perfect for a year where Melbourne City has been tormented by injury.

The former Aston Villa star has kicked 11 goals this A-League season and has stepped up more than anyone else has in front of goal for the Sky Blue’s.

Without McCormak’s consistent year there is no way that Melbourne City would be in the position that they are in at the moment.

In fact, McCormack has impressed his coaching staff so much that it’s even possible that Fonaroli could find it difficult to ease back into the starting side.

However, if Fonaroli was to return this season, the combination of the two strikers would be a force to be reckoned with in the A-League.

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