‘NBA’: Chris Goulding Dominates The Second Half Against The Kings

The game against two major rivals in the Sydney Kings and Melbourne United is almost coming to a close, with Melbourne dominating for the majority of the day.

Melbourne have had a fantastic start and are in a great position to win the game but it’s still early days with a 49 to 34 score, in favour of United.

With that said, it’s largely due to the amazing efforts of Casey Prather, who has absolutely dominated the first half with 14 points and then finishing on 21. 

Meanwhile, Casper Ware Jr was also on fire, with the Ghost being as slippery as ever to stop in tonights NBL blockbuster.

However, since the first half, it was Chris Goulding who lifted and managed to score 23 points in a fantastic effort to finalise the game for his squad.

Melbourne and Sydney are always great rivals regardless of the sport but it looks like for now, Melbourne is the better city in basketball at least.

Melbourne defeated the Kings 95-69.

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