Essendon Should NOT Have Had Last Years Number 1 Draft Pick: Take 2


Earlier this year I wrote that Essendon should not have been given the first draft pick of last year’s national draft, with me receiving a great deal of criticism. But why do I think this? Well, it’s because their last place finish was a false result.

What do I mean by this you say? Last year the Bombers had the majority of their star players suspended due to the long lasting supplement saga.

As a result, the club needed to find a number of top-up players and play the majority of the younger gems. However, the inexperience caused them to finish in last place at the end of the season, with the club usually being uncompetitive.

Due to their bottom place finish, the club was given the number 1 pick in the previous draft, however; that was wrong, very wrong. Essentially they stole the number 1 pick from a more deserving club, who are still struggling today.

Image: The Herald Sun
Image: The Herald Sun

Meanwhile, the Bombers with their suspensions last year were able to fast-track the development of their younger players, as well as unearthing a few gems through the top-up players.

In addition, Essendon then had their starts suddenly return this season fresher than ever and as a result, they are about to play in an elimination final this weekend.

In addition, the player they recruited with the first pick in Andrew McGrath has had a spectacular first season, playing 20 games and winning the 2017 Rising Star award.

Meanwhile, Brisbane who was second last at season end in 2016, once again struggled and this time finished deal last.

Image: The Herald Sun
Image: The Herald Sun

Essendon was last in 2016 because they were punished, not because their list was poor and the final series this year proves it. The AFL by giving Essendon pick number 1 last year essentially rewarded them for cheating.

Yes, the difference between pick 1 and 2 shouldn’t make much of a difference, however; in this case, it has. Brisbane is uncompetitive and is the most deserving club to seek help from the AFL, not the Bombers who only finished last because of a suspension.

It may be too late now but Brisbane was robbed last year and Essendon are now laughing about it, as they head to Sydney in September.

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26 thoughts on “Essendon Should NOT Have Had Last Years Number 1 Draft Pick: Take 2”

  1. They were already given draft penalties and removed from finals. As such in finishing last post the ban they deserved to gain the number 1 pick.

  2. Carlton got many number one pics because they finished last due To draft penalties because of their cheating under John Elliot .
    Many teams have tanked and got number one pick including the Cruizer Cup .
    Please don’t single out essendon when all kind of unfair and inconsistent things happen all the time .
    It may have been that the lions chose luggage with number one pick, it is actually highly likely .
    Journalists like mAking a point after something happens .

  3. So you believe we should be punished continuously, by the way it was not just our no 1 draft pick rising star winner that has got us where we r today

  4. Essendon was unfairly and illegally punished for a supplements program that found NO illegal substance in multiple tests. They were then put through a double jeopardy situation after an Australian ‘trial’ where they found no case to answer because McDevitt is a low prick. He gave the money to re-try them as a group! If a bunch of criminals were caught doing the same crime, they STILL get tried as an individual! Biggest miscarriage of justice this century!

  5. Not even an Essendon fan but this is hardly a well thought out article. There is numerous glaring spelling mistakes, and claiming Essendon were rewarded for cheating is completely bizarre. What they’ve gone through is more than enough. Really just stinks of a grudge against the bombers

  6. I would suggest this was recovered from a rubbish bin when they desperately need to fill in a page probably at the rear. It looks like it was written by an ill informed person who would believe the Easter bunny and Santa Claus is the same, if written by Caroline Wilson

  7. Regardless of circumstances etc we had one season where we had dubious practices at our club yet we got punished with omission from 1 finals series then another season where our players were suspended and you want us punished into a 3rd year by not deserving the #1 pick. 3 seasons of punishments for 1 season of fault. Yeah that seems fair

  8. What a load of crap. Essendon have been punished for four years now without a positive test result ever being found. Pick number 1 is a reasonable result after the fines and withdrawal from a final series for poor governance!

  9. Brisbane have stated regardless they would have taken Mcluggage if they had finished with pick 1, GWS would have landed McGrath anyway, are they more deserving? Very poorly researched opinion piece.

  10. For the extra competitive edge maybe some of the other teams should rest all their stars for a year to fast track their youth, since it is such an advantage. Let’s look at Carlton… how many top picks have they had? What is their performance like?

    Rubbish article. Maybe we should ban Essendon from the draft for a few more years seeming as the first 2 years of penalties did them such a favour. After all Zach Merrett a future superstar was taken at #1, oh wait, no he wasn’t. Just great recruiting.

  11. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve… a number 1 draft pick will not fix Brisbane. Get your head out if the past. What’s done is done. Essendon fucked up, payed the price. What the AFL chose to do about it… Well, go cry to them, or move on. Be shitty they are committing to 25 years of financially propping up 2 focus group teams, rather than paying equal attention to the entire league.

  12. What a load of unsubstantiated rot. Brisbane said they were always going to take McLuggage irrespective of who else was available. One could quite legitimately argue that Essendon was robbed of four years by a corrupt Gillard Government and an AFL with an alterier motive.

  13. Them’s the rules, them’s the breaks. The AFL signed off on it, so you know the whole deal was kosher, right? Move on, nothing to see here.

  14. What a load of rubbish comparing Essendons bottom finish to brisbanes . Essendons was caused by a badly flawed system that crucified them by comfortable satisfaction , no proof and no positive tests , brisbanes was caused by bad decisions and management , so your saying that they should be rewarded for finishing last

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