Casper Ware’s Performance Was Outstanding During Championship Reunion

Melbourne United today are celebrating their proud heritage by wearing their traditional Melbourne Tigers kit,  a colour combination many fans miss.

In addition, Melbourne has started spectacularly, doubling the Brisbane Bullets at quarter time, however, sadly for Melbourne fans, their beloved United haven’t been able to keep up their dominating output from the first quarter.

Brisbane came out firing and was only 3 behind at the main break, which was worrying for Melbourne United fans.

However, something that wasn’t worrying was the performance of Melbourne’s favourite in Chris Goulding, as he lead the matches scoring for Melbourne in the first quarter.

Goulding had scored 5 points in a great game, although, his scoring output stopped, with his former teammate in  Daniel Kickhert, Brisbane’s power forward who had scored 17  dominating the encounter from that point forward.

This hurt Melbourne fans as they watched their former champion destroy their sides defense throughout the match at Hisense Arena.

However, the joint efforts of Casper Ware   17 points, Tai Wesley 14 points, and Josh Boone 15 points were too much for Brisbane in the second half.

Melbourne just wasn’t backing down at home and continued to pressure Brisbane, which resulted in them winning 69 to 61

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