How Big Of A Loss Is ‘Tim Cahill’ To Melbourne City?

Earlier this week Tim Cahill called it quits from the A-League and will now look for a new home during the January transfer period.

The reason for this was because of his lack of game time and because of the Socceroos qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Due to the lack of game time for Melbourne City, Cahill no longer believes that Melbourne will give him the game time or the fitness required for the world cup.

As a result, Cahill is now looking for a new club so that he can be at his best during the world cup, with the Socceroo being vital, scoring more goals than any other Australian player ever.

Tim Cahill
Tim Cahill

The marquee player will be a big loss for Melbourne City, however, is it really as big of a loss as most people think?

Cahill has scored 13 goals since making his way to the A-League 15 months ago, with the star helping  Melbourne City make finals last season.

Meanwhile, another striker hasn’t been the same since Cahill made his way to Australia, as star striker Bruno Fornaroli had a massive drop in form last season.

After kicking a record amount of goals in the 2015/2016 season, Fornaroli kicked 17 goals in the 2016/2017 season, however, was not as spectacular as he previously was.

Fornaroli is a champion and has been absent all season due to injury but when he returns, Fonaroli should feel freer as he returns to his main striking role.

Bruno Fornaroli
Bruno Fornaroli

In addition, Ross McCormack has been in great form this season, with the former EPL player kicking 6 goals from 10 appearances this season.

With the two together up front, Melbourne City will still be a very dangerous side. Therefore, I believe that Melbourne hasn’t lost enough as much as most people think, with them still having plenty of options in front of goal.

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