Alex Johnson ‘s Career Somehow Continues

It’s a miracle yet; Sydney Swans premiership defender Alex Johnson is still somehow an AFL footballer.

The skilled defender hasn’t been seen since playing in the 2012 premiership win for the Swans (Talk about a premiership hangover).

The defender managed to play 45 games for Sydney in just his first two seasons, however, he has been sidelined for the past 5 years with knee injuries.

The defender was initially delisted but out of nowhere, Johnson was drafted as a mature-aged rookie on Monday night.

This was luckily due to a positive medial report the club received, which then made the Swans happy to give the courageous defender another go.

The 26-year-old played 9 NEAFL games in 2017 and was part of the clubs losing grand final side under former premiership teammate Rhyce Shaw.

In addition, within those games, Johnson did show some signs of his former self, yet he still has a way to go before returning to the form he showed us in his premiership year.

It was believed earlier this year that Johnson was close to an AFL return, however, his form had not been as it once was and so he was unable to break into the strong senior side.

However, Johnson has been training well with the Swans younger players for the past two-weeks and hasn’t been restricted due to injury for the first time since 2013.

Now that Johnson is a rookie listed player, he once again has the hopes of being able to regain the career that he deserves, especially; after 5 years of struggling and determination.

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